KNHS Summer School 2022

Posted on 04/22/2022
Summer School will be offered June 6-29, 2022.

High school summer school will be located at Knob Noster Middle School, 211. E. Wimer Street.

Transportation is provided only in the morning and after the second session. Any transportation needed mid-day will be a parent's responsibility. Transportation to/from A+ tutoring will also be a parent's responsibility.

Course Options:

A+ Tutor (No Credit) Grades 11-12
This class is only available for juniors and seniors and is a semester in length whereby a student who is in good standing with the A+ Schools Program may be assigned a location within the district to complete their tutoring requirement as specified by the State A+ School requirements. A student must have the approval of the counselor, A+ School Director, and Principal. There are a limited number of slots available; preference will go to seniors. Students must submit their A+ Log sheets to the A+ Director.

Health (½ credit) Grades: 9th -12th
This course is designed to introduce the students to the concept of health: physical, mental/emotional, and social. Through the study of the body, the student will have the opportunity to make choices to live a more active productive life now and in their future. This class includes current information on nutrition, eating disorders, mental health, handling emotions, human reproduction, STD’s including AIDS, information on predators and sexting, first aid, as well as many other health related topics. Human reproduction will be taught on an abstinence basis with information on contraception.

Personal Finance (½ credit) Grades 11-12
This class is offered to juniors and seniors. Graduation requirement for all students. Understanding and managing personal finances are key to one’s future financial success. This one semester course is based on the Missouri Personal Finance Competencies and presents essential knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about real world financial issues. Students will learn how choices influence occupational options and future earning potential. Students will also learn to apply decision making skills to evaluate career choices and set personal goals. The course content is designed to help the learner make wise spending, saving and credit decisions and to make effective use of income to achieve personal financial success.

Personal Fitness (½ credit) Grades 10-12 This course will provide students the opportunity to develop cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength through a variety of activities. Some activities to be covered but not limited to aerobics, Zumba, yoga, Pilates, power walking, running, and fitness bands. This is a high participation class for selfmotivated students dedicated to personal fitness.

Drivers Education – UCM (.25 unit) Ages 15 with a valid driver’s permit & over.
This class is taught on the UCM campus from June 13-24. Class will be held from 8am-12pm, and transportation will be provided to and from the middle school. Behind-the-Wheel sessions (students will be assigned days/times during class) will be held June 27-29. Transportation will be the responsibility of the parents for these sessions. The cost is $300 and due to UCM at the time of enrollment, which begins April 1st (must be done in person at Instructional Park 1200 S Holden, Warrensburg, MO). Once you have registered and paid with UCM, then bring your receipt to high school office to ensure your student is on the Drivers Ed roster. Students must be on both rosters. Cost will be reimbursed to the parents at the end of summer school and is dependent on completion of the program. Proof of completion must be presented to the high school secretary in order to receive reimbursement. For more information contact Jim Delap at (660) 543-4081 or [email protected]

Credit Recovery (½ or 1 credit)
Credit recovery is available to students who have failed a class during the school year. Students will need to contact their counselor to enroll in the class. All classes will be taken on-line through Edmentum; however, students must attend in person. 

KNHS Summer School Enrollment Form