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Hello and welcome to the Knob Noster High School art page. The classes are a relaxing way to show what you can do. For instance, you can do sculpting, painting, drawing, pottery, 3-D art and more. There are tons of different art activities that the classes do that get shown in the hallway. Also there is an art club that anyone can join. You don’t have to be an artist to be in art. That’s why it’s a class. 

Class Schedule  

Period Class M,T,Th,F W
1 Art I 7:55-8:45 7:55-8:40
2   Art II 8:49-9:39 8:44-9:228
3 Art III 9:43-10:33 9:32-10:16
4 Art IV 10:37-11:27 10:20-11:04
5 Art I(3) 11:31-12:46 11:08-12:23
8 Academy 12:50-1:16     No academy
6 Planing Period    1:20-2:10 12:27-1:11
7 Art I 2:14-3:04 1:15-2:00